Get back on the road quicker with our Rent to buy car solutions for Guildford


In the modern world, having a vehicle on hand is a necessity, but sometimes it can be difficult to obtain the required finance to get on the road. This is where we come in, offering those looking for long-term car hire options across our showroom of iconic vehicles and the right solution for you.

We’re here to help you get behind the wheel


We understand that life can throw obstacles that lead to bad credit ratings or banks and lenders choosing not to approve finance. At Peanuts, we don’t want to judge you on your past. Instead, we assess the present circumstances and help you get on the road when you need it most.


We have a large range of small, medium and large vehicles from various makes and models.


Each of our options includes up-to-date registration as well as comprehensive car insurance, as well as the security of 24-hour road assistance available.


A hassle-free process


Our team will work with you to set up affordable, manageable payments that will allow you to get back on the road quickly, even when the banks, car dealerships and other lenders may have assessed your credit and denied you finance.


We help many people from different walks of life get back on the road including:


✔️ Employed people with bad credit

✔️ Self-employed people

✔️ Single income families.


Our team is also available for customer support and service throughout the life of the hire or rental, in order to assist you with any issues or enquiries. Peanuts can also support you in the long run as well, with our rent to buy program allowing you to access a convenient option that embraces your circumstances.


Through regular maintained payments you can repair your credit rating while being able to get back on the road immediately for all of your work, family and personal needs.


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