Terms And Conditions


Please read the following terms and conditions.


Drivers License

Drivers must be between 25-75 years of age

and hold a current NSW Drivers Licence and live in the Sydney metro area.

P2 allowed but not P1



Payment Methods

We except Eftpos, Mastercard or Visa.

A bond of $300 is payable once you have selected a vehicle.

Rental payments are by way of direct deposit. 







Accidents/Standard Damage

In the event of an accident where medical assistance is required dial 000 for emergency help.

First report the accident to the Police immediately. Ensure all details of third parties, witnesses and police that attend at the scene are recorded. Do not admit liability. You must contact us immediately. You will be required to complete an accident report form, giving a full report of the circumstances at our office within 48hrs of the accident. The Hirer may be held responsible for costs incurred for damage and loss if they fail to complete an accident report form.

Liability cover for bodily injury is provided in accordance with the legal requirements of Australia.

In the event of an accident, loss or damage to the vehicle or third party property an Accident Damage Excess (ADE) will be charged. This Excess is charged to the Vehicle hirer who is at fault or if where Liability is undecided the Excess will need to be paid by all parties until the at fault parties are determined then the excess will be refunded back to the parties found not to be at fault.

If the loss or damage is ultimately less than the ADE, part of the ADE will be refunded.

Any breach of our Terms and Conditions will result in the Vehicle hirer being financially responsible for all losses to both the Rental Vehicle and any other damages above and beyond the ADE stated on your Agreement.



Area of Use

Rental Vehicles from Peanuts Rent a Car must be used within New South Wales only, to travel outside New South Wales a request must be made to the company for approval.



Infringements and Tolls

Infringements and tolls are the responsibility of the Vehicle hirer. Any tolls that are received by the Company will be Stat Decked to that Vehicle hirer.

It is then highly recommended that you get a toll tag to avoid paying more for your tolls.  Simply add the vehicle registration number to an already existing tag or Request one from Services NSW.   


Roadside Assistance


Peanuts Rent a Car through NRMA will provide access to a twenty-four (24) hour roadside assistance service for the vehicle.



Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to collect or request the return of the Rental Vehicle to the branch should the Hirer be in breach of their agreement.



Changes to Terms and Conditions

Peanuts Rent a Car may vary the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.