What are the most reliable second hard cars in Australia?


There’s no doubt that buying a shiny new car is one of the great joys – it smells nice, it has the latest tech and fuel efficiencies, and it's less likely to break down (for a few years at least). However, for many, buying a second-hand car has its own unique advantages.


You save heaps on the ticket price – a new car will depreciate the moment you drive it out of the lot, and the lower cost of a used car means you can pick up a great deal on a model that's almost as good as new. Your insurance premiums will be lower too because the car's value is lower. Plus it's easy to find exactly what you’re after with all the bells and whistles online.


But, if you’re in the market for a used car, what should you buy? Here’s a list of the four most reliable used cars on the market today:


  1. Toyota Corolla. Toyota has an excellent reputation for reliability and cars that just don't quit. Parts are readily available, and they're usually quite easy to fix. If a Toyota's on your wish list, it's worth adding a 10th generation, 2006-2013 Toyota Corolla into the mix of your top choices. One of Australia's top selling models, it's pleasant to drive, has excellent safety credentials and makes a good first or family car. Style-wise, the Corolla is a little ho-hum, but it offers a comfortable ride that's light on fuel and holds its value well. The mechanics are easy to look after, too.
  2. Mazda 3. Second on the list of most popular cars in the country is the Mazda 3 with a reputation for reliability that rivals Toyota. The second generation 2009-2013 models handle beautifully with a bit of a sporty edge, tight turning and responsive steering. The suspension makes for a comfortable ride, it has ABS brakes as a standard feature, and it's easy to find spare parts. A little nicer in the style stakes, you’ll also enjoy one of the most dependable engines on the market.
  3. Toyota RAV 4. Heading back to Toyota, this is its smallest SUV and a great little workhorse. It’s great for an all-rounder that’s equally comfortable for families as it is for relatively tame adventure seekers who’ll be drawn to its versatility. The 3rd Gen, XA30 (2006-2012) features a super steady 4L twin cam, 4-cylinder engine, standard ABS, alloy wheels and heaps of storage. You might experience some road noise at high speeds though.
  4. Hyundai ix35. A family station wagon rather than an off-road vehicle, the Hyundai ix35 comes in three models (Active, Elite and Highlander) and 2.4L petrol or 2.0L turbo-diesel engines. Pick up a second hand, second-generation version (2010-2015), and you won't be sorry. The Highlander is the ritziest of the bunch with dual zone air conditioning, keyless entry, leather seats, cruise control and a sunroof plus a host of other comforts. There’s plenty of room for passengers and all your gear, too.


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