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Hire a car Sydney

At Peanuts Rent to buy Hiring a car Sydney is not an option when you can RENT TO BUY vehicles the choice is easy when you can create a better solution to provide an end to a cycle of spending without a return, If you have ever considered a hire car and specifically hire a car Sydney, then you would realise that it is expensive. Don't just hire a car Sydney, rent to buy a car that will become yours with our cost effective rent to buy vehicles Peanuts Rent to buy solutions.


Hire a Car Sydney – The Advantages of Rent to Buy your next vehicle

There are numerous benefits to a buyer of rent to buy their own vehicle over hiring a car in Sydney. The benefits of vehicle ownership are many including tax deductions after completion, while acquiring assets and security. We will discuss this further in the article. If a potential buyer does not have the means to put a large deposit or down payment on a vehicle right now, but you want your rent payment to actually go toward an investment, then rent to your own vehicle is an excellent option as you only need a small application fee of $300 to hold the vehicle and your first rental payment on the day of receiving the vehicle to take you to your next payday and your away.


Hire a car Sydney VS Rent to Buy in Sydney

What Is Rent to buy a vehicle?

Rent to buy purchase of a vehicle allows a buyer to own a vehicle over time, giving the purchaser the “option” to buy and own a vehicle at some point in the future. The buyer and seller complete the purchase after the conditions of the agreement are completed. However, rent to buy vehicle purchase is different to hire a car Sydney. A rent to buy agreement, the purchaser and the seller agree to the possibility of a sale at some point in the future. Ultimately, the renter or buyer decides if the transaction will actually take place. In the meantime, the buyer makes rental payments to the seller until the agreed amount has been paid and can choose to either keep or upgrade the vehicle on Completion..


Why Buy With Rent to buy?

Rent to buy programs can be attractive to buyers, especially those who expect to be in a stronger financial position sometime in the future. Also, rent to buy provides many advantages that are simply not available on a hire a car agreement.

  • Bad credit Sydney: Buyers, who cannot attain a loan, have poor credit or don’t qualify for a loan may be able to buy a vehicle with a rent to buy agreement. Over time, they can work on rebuilding their credit. It also provides an opportunity for single income families.. A rent to buy company only require minimal fuss prior to being approved.
  • Purchase at an agreed price at any time: Buyers can be given a purchase price at any time during the term of the Rent to buy agreement.
  • Peace of mind: After collecting the vehicle, buyers are given 7 days to have the vehicle checked by their own mechanic and any roadworthy repairs required will be done by our local of mechanic.
  • Acquire an Asset: When you hire a car you will never own the vehicle and you will not build equity. With Peanuts rent to buy the buyer can choose to own the asset on completion of their final payment of the agreed amount or upgrade to another vehicle and go again.
  • Long term rental: Often a long term vehicle rental hire can become expensive and the more financially sensible decision is rent to buy. Also, there are many restrictions on hire cars such as not being able to take pets in the car and no smoking.

Hire a Car Sydney – How does it work?

Hiring a car or car rental is a great option for anyone who requires a non-permanent vehicle for a holiday, special event, and business commitments or during a very short period of when you may be in between cars. Although the process of hiring a car might vary from one company to the next, a few standard rules apply. There is always a deposit, hiring car costs, insurance costs, fuel costs, travel per km costs and excess on insurance. Then there is always the forever long list of hidden fees such as refuelling fees, late delivery fees and damages incurred. There are multiple other fees or don’ts – I.e. no smoking in the car, no pets in the car all incur cleaning charges.


Hire a Car Sydney – Pre Booking Checklist

  • Determine the number of days you want to hire a car in Sydney.
  • When and where will you pick up your hire vehicle? When and where will you return your hire car? Different return destinations often incur additional charges.
  • What size car will you want to hire? How many people are travelling? How much luggage will you have?
  • Are you planning on doing any activities that require special equipment? Do you need special equipment to cope with a disability? Which car will be best to transport your equipment?
  • Will you require certain features and accessories in your hire a car vehicle? These may include navigation systems, music, blue tooth, child seats, mobile, Wi-Fi, etc., and are all booked at an additional extra cost.
  • Try booking a car online. It's quicker, easier and available 24 hours a day. Documents confirming payment can be saved and printed.
  • Are you limited in km's you can travel?
  • What are the additional costs for km's travelled and re-fuelling?
  • Check the total cost of your booking before finalising payment.

Rent to buy vehicles is available and offered to a buyer, and the vehicle is taken under an agreement between the two parties. This means that the buyer will pay rental to the seller for the vehicle, just like hiring a car. However, at the end of the agreement period, instead of returning the vehicle at the end of the term, you own the vehicle outright. The vehicle belongs to the buyer once the final payment has been made. It is for this reason that many people use rent to buy purchase of vehicles.