Long-term car rentals Rent to buy Solutions conveniently located in Parramatta area


Long-term car rentals are a great way to enjoy a quality vehicle at an affordable price for circumstances where purchasing is not a viable option. At Peanuts Rent to buy we offer a range of vehicles for Ren to buy over extended 1 to 5yr periods.

Hassle-free rent to buy car solutions


We have been servicing the greater Sydney area since 2001 and provide a way for you to enjoy our own vehicle on terms that span over one to three years.  Additionally, our fleet includes, small, medium and large models from the largest manufacturers on offer, so we have a car suited to your brief.


For students, this creates the perfect option, as those within these fields may not meet traditional bank criteria for obtaining a loan. Alternatively, if you happen to have a bad credit rating, our team can get you on the road in Parramatta with a long-term car hire solution that suits your needs.


We can also set up affordable payment plans for your chosen vehicle, all of which includes up-to-date registration, comprehensive insurance and 24-hour roadside assistance.


Beyond this, we’ll provide you with access to our customer service team throughout the length of your agreement.



The perfect solution for those with financial circumstances


We can help get you on the road if you are having difficulty getting finance from car dealerships, banks or traditional lenders. Our rent to buy options in Parramatta are open to:


  • Employed, self-employed or single income families
  • People with bad credit or who have been refused finance and;
  • People in need of a vehicle quickly.


Keep up with our easy-to-follow manageable payment plans and enjoy the opportunity to own your vehicle outright when the agreement is complete.


Contact our friendly team on 1300 554 475 to make an appointment to visit our Parramatta showroom now.