Hassle free long-term hire car solutions in Campbelltown 

Peanuts Rent a Car is your ‘go to’ business for all your long-term car rental needs in the Campbelltown area. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, a large range of mechanically sound vehicles and affordable rental payments to suit your individual budget. At Peanuts, we care about getting you back on the road with a reliable car and taking control of your life again.


Rent to buy a car & enjoy the benefits of ownership 

If you need a vehicle now but can’t get finance or you’re a single income family, Peanuts Rent a Car can help you find a quality car with minimal fuss. Whether you choose to rent or buy, you have the option to own the car outright after your ‘rent to buy’ period is over. It’s the ideal opportunity to let the rental process work for you, not against you. Our specialist team can help you with affordable and manageable rental payments, on-going customer support and a range of vehicle benefits including annual registration, insurance cover and 24-hour roadside assistance. Have more questions? Peanuts Rent a Car has got you covered.