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Rent to own your next car with Peanuts

 Rent To Own Cars - Rent To Buy Cars Sydney - Rent To Buy Sydney 

  • Do you fit into one of these categories?
  • Not enough money to buy a Vehicle.
  • Bad Credit? Can't get a loan or finance approval?
  • Can't get a job because you don't have a Vehicle?
  • On a pension or other Centrelink payments?

If so then Peanuts Rent To Buy has the solution for you!!


With our rent to own Vehicles you can choose from the list of cars we have available. Pay a $300 bond and a reasonable regular repayment.


At the end of the term we give your $300 bond back and you can then own the vehicle that same day.


At Peanuts rent to own vehicle guarantee you are assured a hassle free rent to buy vehicle proces. We don't care about your credit history or your past mistakes. They stay in the PAST. We care about you Now!


Simply call our friendly staff and ask them what information is required and book your appointment to choose your next rent to buy vehicle. Once approved you can drive away that day.